Kenneth Powe

A blend of electronic, acoustic, and natural sounds that creates a relaxing environment and reduces stress.

Journey is a work that was inspired by emotions and experiences that transcend culture, genre, ideology, philosophies, and lifestyle. It comes about as a result of a musical artist exploring sounds and moods that can be spiritually accessed from the perspective of being human and having the ability to feel. Since life is a journey we must all take, it is essential and cathartic to pause occasionally and quietly reflect upon its meaning—removing the artificial, often trivial, and potentially harmful stresses and concerns that often emerge either because of or against our individual will.

Journey was created and recorded by Kenneth Powe, who currently lives in a small town outside Birmingham, Alabama. His musical career began playing for various black churches around Alabama and developed shortly after earning a B.A. Degree in English at the University of Alabama in 1991. While in Tuscaloosa, he played keyboards in local bars and nightclubs as a member of a 70’s and 80’s R&B themed band named Desyre. Once on his own, he became Vice President/A&R of a small but established local recording label, QUE Records. In this role, he continued to perform concerts and record with recognized artists like Brian McKnight, Luther Ingram, The Jackson Southernaires, Rance Allen, Harvey Williams, Dottie Peoples, Dizzy Gillespie, Arturo Sandoval, and Gerald Albright. His most recent studio endeavor was as the featured keyboardist on The Reginald Jones Band CD, Experiences.

Even though Kenneth Powe has been a writer, performer, producer, arranger, and studio musician for many different artists for about twenty years, Journey is his first solo project released publically and the first he has done of its kind.

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    Mist 5:36
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    Ease 5:24
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    Peace 5:18
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    Azure 5:06
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